Panasonic DVX-100 (24p)
The first and only 24p prosumer video camera. It captures video with the same frame rate as film cameras, which results in an image that comes astonishingly close to film.
  Canon XL1S
The gold standard in digital video; its unsurpassed image quality makes it a top choice in high end digital productions.
  Canon GL1
Most of the features of the XL1S in about half the size, which makes it ideal for discreetly getting up close and personal.



  Fostex Professional PD-6 DVD/HD Location Recorder

The result of this process in which some of the world’s top sound mixers took part, is the new Fostex PD-6 Portable Location Recorder, a recorder which offers spectacular 24-bit / 96kHz audio quality and six independent audio tracks.

A recorder offering timecode-locked DVD-RAM recording to an easy to use 8cm removable media which answers all the new challenges for location recording today.
And a recorder featuring a full-function, feature-rich 6-channel mixer, ‘easy access’ monitoring and all the connectivity one would expect, and need, from a thoroughly professional unit. The new PD-6 Portable Location Recorder. Nothing in the field comes close.
  microphone   Sound Field ST 250 Microphone
The SoundField ST250 is a very unique microphone that applies the SoundField concept to "on location" applications. In its most basic form, it is a mono and variable angle stereo Microphone with remotely variable pick-up patterns plus the option to deliver Mid/Side and B-Format output formats.

b) 12ft Boom pole
c) Sony Headphones
d) 24/96 capabilities
e) SK-250 Senn; Lav kit

  Marantz   Marantz PMD 670 Portable Disk Recorder
a) K6 ME 66 Shotgun mic
b) 6ft Boom pole
c) 2GB Flash card
d) Sony Headphones
    Mackie 24/96 Recorder
24 track recorder (24 tracks simultaneous)
  Korg D1600
16 track recorder (8 tracks simultaneous), Shure microphones, 8 channel Presonus mic preamp, sound processing and CD recording
      Allen & Heath MixWizard Live Console
(not pictured)